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Saddest Words of Tongue and Men_These Few Words_”It Might Have Been” (Issue 1124)

Certain quotes from famous and infamous worth repeating again and again because of the Ring of Truth.
Such a quote was spoken by the Great Communist Leader Lenin, back in the early part of the last century when his conquest was to rule the world with Communism. After laying out his plans of conquest for Europe and Mid-East said, “The United States of America we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like over-ripe fruit”.
How did Lenin know this almost 100 years ago? Apparently because he understood history, the nature of political governments, the nature of Man, and the inherent quality of greed; wanting something for nothing in-bred in some human beings.
Here we are in the year 2014,  in July halfway through the year, many returning from vacation, checking local department store sales for children’s back to school clothing sales, for millions of school children, the next nine month term will start in a few days.
News from Congress about to recess to return home to campaign for re-election in mid-term election in November, President Obama playing golf, constantly fund-raising for up-coming election, and about to leave for a Vacation at Martha’s vineyard according to news reports.
While this great Country, the United States of America, on verge of collapse, being transformed from a capitalistic free enterprising system to the abysmal mediocrity of Fascist Communism, in a One World Government.
While Wars and Rumors of war, bullets and bombing types taking place around the world, the War of Ideas, we the people been involved in , since Lenin’s prediction, so advanced today were on the verge of collapse,  while attention on vacations, shopping, golfing and campaigning for re-election.
Here’s a recent news headline: “Border Patrol Immigration crisis has been Orchestrated as Asymmetrical  war , to destroy  Country from With-in”. The set-up with no let-up past several  years, in the war of ideas, to transform our Country is in the final stages, and make no mistake about it, the current flooding of this country with diseased illegals from several countries is the big push over the edge to destroy this nation.
All the talk from politicians in charge is just talking the talk and not walking the walk. Conditions of open border crossings worsen daily, and it’s not going to change for the better. The flooding of this country with sick illegals is a manifestation of Lenin’s words, “the United States will crumble from with-in”. Whoever dreamed the crumbling from with-in would be the result of sick illegal children?
The wide open borders of the drug cartel trafficking of illegals in this country is not going to stop, nor are they going to be transported back to countries they came from. It’s going to continue because the action is no happenstance, but part of the grand scheme to take over and collapse this country with-out a shot being fired.
This is the fulfillment of Lenin’s admonition almost 100 years ago when he said, “the US we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit”.
This flooding of this country with illegals is no happenstance, but part of a well-organized plot by the powers at be, who lust for power and seek “A New World Order”. The Grand design to bring into being “A one World Government”.
While Congress going home to campaign, and the President going on vacation, is a modern day “fiddling and doodling while Rome burns” story. While the majority of Americans, thinking there’s some kind of magic bullet solution going to appear out of thin air, were being invaded by foreigners.
Some naïvely thinking the 2016 Presidential election is some kind of magic bullet to solve our problem. Two years down the road is too late. This year 2014 is our last chance to salvage America and a way of life we once enjoyed.
The saddest words of tongue or men are these few words, “it might have been”.
The Roman Philosopher Marcus  Cicero said, 106-43 BC:  “There exist a law, not written down anywhere, but in-born in our hearts, a law which comes to us, not by training or custom or reading. A law, not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers, or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally Right.”

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The Naked Premise_Is Tribalism Preferable to the Constitution? (Issue 1123)

 Lately, I’ve been involved in a dispute with  one of my regular readers over the cause of our current problems in this country. Its his stated position the US Constitution is to blame for the ditch we’re in.
Admittedly, the Constitution is a flawed document, created by man with laws to govern. I’ts my belief the human creators of the Constitution had good intentions in support of individual freedom and a limited political government. However, the inherent laws giving government the power to tax has turned out to be a run-away train wreck.
As it turns out, no country has come up with a type of governmental document that supersedes our Constitution. In previous periods, many groups ruled by tribal law. The constitution is the epitome of the saying, “Anything that can work for you can work equally well against you.”
It’s my contention, the document itself is not to blame for our problems, but greedy immoral men elected to oversee the people according to the basic laws in the Constitution are to blame for their interpretation and exercise of power over the citizenry.
With a few exceptions, prior to the installation of the 1913 graduated income tax law, which was ramrodded through Congress during the Christmas holidays, we were a nation that enjoyed a lot of freedom. As it turns out, one-hundred years later it is the graduated income-tax which is the most detrimental to the erosion of Freedom. As evidenced in recent news revelations about the Internal Revenue Department.
Therefore it is the abusive misuse of the  document is the cause and not the document itself. It has been misused to support massive run-away thievery, robbing the people  of their private property, {money} to the extent millions have stopped working and producing, signed on to government entitlement programs, whereby government dribbles  of the stolen loot, support non-producers and    re-distribute to the have-nots the  part of the loot forcibly taken via income tax laws from the haves who produce.
Therefore it’s the massive misuse of modern day thieves in Congress and the White house, using and ignoring the Constitution to perpetrate their thievery is the cause of the downfall of a former nation of entrepreneurs operating the free-enterprise, capitalistic system, which at one time provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization and not the Constitution itself.
So long as anyone blames the 200 plus year old document as the cause of our demise, then we really are doomed.  Because the root causes lies in the hearts and minds of living beings in power so immoral, thievery is a way of life for them. And secondly, the people share the blame for electing and supporting the den of thieves. Without a shot being fired, we the people have surrendered our right and responsibility to maintain, life, liberty, and private property. Unless and until we admit that to ourselves, the direction to bondage and enslavement will not change.
To blame the constitutional document is as absurd as blaming water for drowning, when it is our human error of our decisions that cause us to place ourselves  in vulnerable situations to cause the drowning. The water is neither moral nor immoral, neither is the parchment document of the Constitution, in the interpretation and  human actions of the interpretation, lies the cause. This country is drowning in man-made laws implemented by  actions of immoral men.
All Governments in all of history have practiced Socialism to some degree. We are now living in an era where-by Socialism is the over-riding system in this country, the anti-thesis of personal freedom. Socialism and freedom totally in-compatible.  Socialism negates Freedom in favor of centralized governmental control by a few. You cannot negate ones “Right” to Freedom, it exists regardless, but by force negates ones ability to practice the self-responsibility and control of freedom.
With ninety thousand reported internal Revenue Employees in just one Department of political government, we are currently ruled and over-ruled by more than a “few”. Still not out-numbered but obviously out-witted by a bunch of outlaws.
I’m one who believes in The Philosophy of freedom, and no amount of differing opinions will change that  core belief. Therefore, it’s a waste of time and energy for anyone to try and convince me  of any ideas contrary to those I have
 out-lined and repeated more than once in  thousand plus articles I have posted on my website.
 That’s not to say I don’t make mistakes and can be wrong, but not about my core belief in the Philosophy of freedom, and definitely believe one’s Right to freedom comes from a Higher Power, and not flawed humans, However, it’s other humans who lust for power over others that impede one’s ability to exercise the totality of freedom. And the Constitutional document not the cause of that impediment, but rather  immoral other beings whose lust for power knows no bounds.
Freedom is self-responsibility and self control, and the philosophy of Freedom is a total concept.

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Political Government is a Tool_How Many Tools in Your Tool Box? (Issue 1122)

It seems rather strange when some act of adversity can often turn out to be a blessing in disguise. However, in the midst of the problem, which can be quite upsetting, we are unable to see it. I recently encountered a situation when an eight year old child hauled off and kicked me because I tried to correct her behavior and she did not like it. I reacted angrily and badly, telling her I’d slap the snot out of her if she ever did it again.

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When one reaches a point in their lives where they understand the meaning of Freedom, they can define it. The definition is simple: self-responsibility & self control. Defining it with a desire to have it requires a great deal more than that simple definition.

It’s imperative that one understand such things as Ownership of Property, validity of Contractural agreements, boundaries, man-made law and Natural Law, the real meaning of thievery, plus those political laws one must obey to stay out of jail.

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