How about all those C-packers this week in Washington whooping and hollering at each other, vying for your support (money) and vote to be the 2016 Republican candidate for President of the United States. And who out there does not recognize this Nation is in dire need of a leader, to head this nation according to the laws of the Constitution?

It is self-evident, a school needs a Principle, a family needs a parent, a church needs a minister, a business needs a CEO. A ship needs a Captain. A plane needs a pilot, and a country needs someone to be ahead of affairs, according to specific laws and limitations. In this country, the original laws were designed to “Protect.” To protect from what? Specifically foreign and domestic enemies.

The current President and Congress have failed to do that, because we are now invaded with enemies inside and outside this nation, why is that? Because we, the people, have sat idly by and accepted “transformation.” We are no longer a country of the people, by the people and for the people, but a Socialist system in direct conflict to the original founding fathers.

You can go to Black’s Law Dictionary for the definition of Socialism, or you can read Karl Marx’s, “The Communist Manifesto,” or you can be reminded of life in Germany under Socialism. In this connection I quote the following: “The Nazis are well-remembered for murdering well over 11 million people in the implementation of their slogan, ‘The public good before the private good.’ The Chinese Communists for murdering 62 million people in the implementation of theirs, ‘Serve the people,’ and the Soviet Communists for murdering more than 60 million people in the implementation of Karl Marx’s slogan, ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’ Anyone who defends any of these, or any variation of them, on the grounds of their ‘good intentions’ is an immoral [NOT amoral] enabler of the ACTUAL [not just the proverbial] road to Hell.” This quote from Libertarian writer, Rick Gaber.

Copy this and tack it on your refrigerator door, as you will be hearing more and more propaganda from political hopefuls for the 2016 elections. And keep in mind, those elected in political positions in the Executive and Congressional seats are responsible for bringing us to this brink of Disaster. And daily promote its furtherance.

Only one who has operated a business successfully, or managed affairs of a State honorably qualifies to run for President. And Scott Walker has a record that speaks for itself, and publicly announces money collected via politicians belongs to the people and not the government, and refunds overage taxes back to the people of his State.

Conversely, no one person can return this nation back to the Principles it was founded upon and thrived on in earlier times. The citizenry of this nation must inform themselves of the meaning of Freedom, rise up and act with the self-responsibility and self control Freedom requires.Those living off the backs of others must get off and be responsible for their actions and start taking care of themselves.

It’s my personal belief that 2016 will be too late to return this nation back to its former exceptionalism, and 2014 was the turning point to elect representatives to honor the Will of the people.

As it’s turning out these first few weeks of 2015 reveal Republicans in bed with Democrats and Democrats in bed with Republicans, and both have failed to reverse the fast track trek to the totalitarianism of Socialism and a “one world” system.

Therefore, in spite of all the political rhetoric coming from speeches and TV appearances, the direction has not changed, and Scott Walker is the only one whose record of governing reveals his intentions of sincerity. I wrote articles still posted about him months ago. And he is just now reaching national prominence to reveal his ability to lead, as shown in his governing of Wisconsin.

The left-wing element is barking at his heels, because he doesn’t have a college degree. When most colleges indoctrinate, not educate. Then others complain he has no foreign governing experience. When the Pentagon houses thousands of experts to advise a President on foreign affairs and War. This country needs a leader who listens to experts on the foreign and domestic problems this nation faces.

America is in dire need of a leader to support the capitalistic, free-enterprising system this country was founded upon, and one who leads according to the basic tenets of the Declaration of Independence and laws of the Constitution. Scott Walker has proven by his record as Governor, he will adhere to those basic tenets of personal freedom, and national security.

While other candidates are yelping about each other, talking the talk and not walking the walk, Scott Walker has a proven record of doing what he says he will do, and saying what he can and will do.
At this juncture this nation is in dire need of two things: For the citizenry to understand Freedom, and take responsibility for it, and elect a leader whose record reveals he is capable of leading this nation back to the greatest Country on earth, and who at one time in our history, provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. We are currently in a ditch, mired to the gills in Socialism, the antithesis of Freedom.

Freedom comes from our creator, and was guaranteed by our founding fathers who fought and died for it, then left us the legacy in the documents they handed down. What happened? We the people squandered it, swapped Freedom for bondage. It’s now our responsibility to regain, to leave for coming generations. No one is entitled to do nothing about the mess we have made of things in America.

We are overdue to stop lying, cheating and taking that which does not belong to us, specifically private property belonging to others, in this era of entitlement government programs. Now a country clearly divided into two groups, producers and non-producers. So glaringly apparent, a child knows the difference.

Adolf Hitler said, “National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with the Democratic Order.”

Let Freedom Ring
just me AC

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I wonder how many of my readers remember the Watergate hearings. A time in our history when the President and the people were on trial. A Tennessee senator kept asking the question about the President, in reference to the Watergate break-in case. “What did he know and when did he know it?”

I’ve been quite amused this Monday morning, reading Facebook posts about butter. I recently posted a notice about eating asparagus with burnt butter, and received several responses from readers with questions about it. What does that have to do with Watergate? Nothing, except what do you know about butter and when did you know it?

Adding to the mix of Watergate and butter. I’m periodically asked “What do you attribute Longevity to?” My stock answer is,”Not what I do but what I don’t do.” Not entirely true, because I apparently do a number of things out of the ordinary, like only eating real butter.

In this connection, I’ll turn the pages back to my growing up years on a farm in northeast Georgia during the depression years, with a very wise mother, whose mantra was, “Be your own doctor, own counselor, own banker, own preacher.” With additional emphasis on eating natural foods, coming from the earth. Plus emphasis on having a list of things  “not to do,”  which included a list of words prohibited from use. Among those, two words we were not allowed to use, “diet” and “retire.” As a result I have never been on a diet, and never had a weight problem. Other than a period about a year ago, when I lost my appetite and a lot of weight,  and compensated with a lot of vitamins and minerals to regain my normal weight.

I was taught we must have everything in our bodies that’s in the earth, which means we eat foods that come from the earth, and not created in a laboratory. And a lab-created substitute for butter is a classic example of tampering with a natural food, to replace that which nourishes the body. Disguised with all manner of false advertising, like it causes weight gain. If this were true I would be a size 40, because I cook with butter and eat a lot of it.

We have become so educated beyond the capacity to think, we now live in an era of  genetically modified foods, difficult to find naturally grown healthy food. Those out to destroy the human race have taken over the food supply, then getting rich over promotion of vaccinations, to promote health with a needle. Some dying from shots, as reported in the news.

We have become so saturated with propaganda, we think margarine is real butter, the political government knows more about child-rearing and education than the common sense of the parent; Monsanto knows more about nutrition than Nature itself, and Freedom is something defined by politicians, and awarded to the Citizenry by political government.

We are living in an era of “The Big Lie” which has so eroded our common sense, we don’t know what real butter is, nor recognize it’s a natural food, to nourish our bodies. Even our water supply is so saturated with chemicals, we have no idea what we are drinking. For years I have been drinking and cooking with distilled water. And have a filter on my kitchen faucet.

I grew up being taught that there are 40 minerals and vitamins necessary to sustain life which comes from the earth. Because the food supply is so tampered with, I compensate with vitamins and minerals.

I believe we were created with innate intelligence, therefore my body knows more about its requirements than any political entity, and I listen to what it needs to survive. I don’t have all the answers, however, I’m now past ninety years old, and the common sense teachings taught by my mother have served me well, and for me as true today as they were as a child.

It’s not my practice to tell others what to do, however, I do write articles explaining what one “can” do if they choose. Whether it’s about parenting, nutrition, health or Freedom, my way of viewing things is a bit different than the average. Something I was not so aware of, until I posted on Facebook about eating asparagus with burnt butter. I thought everyone ate asparagus with butter, imagine my surprise when I discovered otherwise.

I have been so intent upon writing about the glories of Freedom, it came as a big surprise to discover so many avoided real butter and preferred a chemically created product to the real thing. Not only do I eat butter, every day I drink half and half milk. Not reduced fat stuff so highly advertised.

Apparently the majority have gone so far astray from Nature itself, many now believe laboratory-created food is superior to the Wisdom of nature. And in this connection, I remind my readers, Nature is always going to have its way in the long run of life on this planet. No amount of political brainwashing is going to change that fact.

Another thing my mother taught is that a bout of sickness is the healing crisis. I’ve never had a flu shot, but a recent bout with the flu reminded me I was going through a healing crisis. I drank a lot of water, took vitamins and minerals, slept a lot and got past it without taking drugs.

It may sound like old-timey, homespun wisdom, but I woke up this morning thanking butter for the opportunity of explaining my usage of it to my readers. Not only is it good for you, it makes food quite tasty.

Here’s a quote from “unknown:” “The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a choice.”



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I’ve been writing story of my life growing up on a farm in North-east Georgia during great Depression. Because of recent sparked controversy over vaccinations as a result of reported measles out break, I stopped long enough to write my story about immunizations again.
I was not subjected to shots for child-hood diseases. Growing up and I recall having Mumps, Chicken Pox, and whooping cough, which I recovered from quite well with no shots, no doctor visit, only my very wise mother taking care of me while I recuperated, and other-wise grew up quite healthy.
When someone recently asked me what I attributed longevity to, my response was, “Not so much what I did but didn’t do.”
I wish to be quite clear from the out-set, my purpose for these writings on vaccinations is not for telling anyone what to do or not to do, but rather furnish information about how I dealt with immunizations going so far as filing a suit in Federal Court claiming un-constitutionality of forced shots. The Federal judges ruled in my favor. Not only did I win, but judges order law clerks in Georgia General assembly to change the law.
Lester Maddox was governor at the time and I have the news clippings where he signed the new law.
Because I believed it’s the parents responsibility to raise children and make decisions about their well being and not the government and because I had attended a college where The Philosophy of freedom was taught, I felt it my  duty to act responsibly relative to my child’s health & well being, and very much opposed to forced immunizations required in Public schools for reasons I described in Part One.
My battle was during a time I lived in the country raising a young child, divorced with little money, struggling to survive after a year of recuperation of a daughter who had been thrown out of a car & ran over. She survived and had just gone back to work when I filed suit against the forced shots.
I had little money but managed to pay the $500.00 filing fee with my Attorney. Later able to pay attorney fees in installments. No-one helped me and actually had no one in my favor. Even my family members opposed to my actions & decisions. There was one Chiropractor in South Carolina who sent me $125.00. Aside from that, I alone with my attorney worked together to win the case, declared un-constitutional.
 lo these years later I view it as an important case in view of political government intrusion into every-one’s life as a result of Obamacare, which dictates so much relative to ones health, the rules & regulations crosses the boundaries of one’s Rights to freedom to  decide upon their personal health issues. Because one’s health & body belongs to each individual, political laws which violate those boundaries in opposition to the Will of the individual are un-constitutional and declared so in my case of immunizations, ruled on via a panel of Federal judges in the mid-seventies.
There is a valid argument as to whether or not one can decide to have vaccinations or not to have them, however in the broader scope, each individual has the right & responsibility for making decisions over all health issues relative to their body & those of their children.
Because at the time I filed suit against forced immunizations, I clearly understood the one thing political government objects to when one object to onslaught is adverse publicity relative to any issue, they attempt to  perpetrate upon the citizenry by political laws. And Public schools operate on Compulsory attendance laws accompanied by forced immunizations when entering a cost of billions to producing tax-payers. Here in Georgia I read where over half State budget goes to schools.
Current mandated health issues by the Federal Government is simply an extension of that law, which has been in effect a long time.The waypolitical government gains,  control over lives of Citizenry to take control & destroy Freedom, begins with small steps to gain a foot-hold of control for power & money, before the ground-work, of totalitarism  is implemented.
 A great book to read, was written by Paul T. Flynn, titled,” While you slept” I read in the sixties..Freedom of Speech is one of our greatest assets, and an enemy of political control, as we are now witnessing in news reports.
As one lone woman, living in the country raising a young child with little money and no-one on my side at the time, I knew I had an up-hill battle, but from the beginning knew I could win.
Therefore the second thing I did after my case was ready to file is I called a news conference for reportersto meet me at the court-house when I was ready to file my case.
As a result I made front page news and received a lot of publicity because call-in radio shows went with the story along with newspapers. Subsequently, one reporter told me my story was news-worthy because one woman living in the country was fighting the system alone & winning.
Top educators jumped in the fray, and I still have the news clippings where they claimed I must be crazy for refusal of immunizations. My response was, I might be but my child not going to have those shots. When the ruling came down in my favor, my son was re-instated back in school via a court order and finished high school without ever having any shots, and in fact never had any childhood diseases.
Sadly, today this nation is in crisis coming from all directions as freedom whittled away, and the reason is we the people have failed  that ‘eternal vigilance” required to sustain freedom. We look to politicians to assume the self-responsibility required to sustain freedom. And lulled into a false sense of recovery, by jumping into the, ‘grouping syndrome”, thinking writing letters to politicians will save us. When the real reason is we have abandoned our self-responsibility of standing up and fighting individually for our in-alienable Rights in Freedom. And rapidly reaching a period when we will be un-able to act individually to turn the tide back to life under the principles this nation was founded upon. We cant wait  till 2016 to stand up, speak up, & act up to have freedom. The time is now.
I remind the reader vaccinations is a huge profitable business for pharmaceutical companies and the government. And they are going to continue promoting. Therefore, it’s the self responsibility of every individual, and parents in particular, to make informed decisions.
 I wish to be quite clear to my readers, I’m not advising anyone to have shots nor not have them, but to tell my story of the route I took and the battle I waged alone with my attorney to accomplish that which I considered in the best interests of my child.
I can report today my son is a grown, healthy, hard-working father of three beautiful healthy children, and he never had any immunizations.
 From German Dramatist Lessing, 1729-1781, who said, ” A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes,” And to that  I add, unless you stand for something you will fall for anything.
Let Freedom Ring
Just me Ac


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Periodically, every few years, when there’s an outbreak of some disease, the general public gets in an uproar about immunizations, whether it’s some childhood disease like measles in current news or something like polio outbreak in years past. A lot of pros and cons, while many parents grapple with the idea of giving shots or rejecting shots.

Recently my nine year old granddaughter asked me what I was afraid of and I said, stupidity, insanity, snakes, and shots.

In past articles I’ve written extensively about my battle with the State over forced immunizations, and experience with shots some years past when I applied for a passport.

Additionally, I had another harrowing experience with a shot several years past living in Tennessee and was in a sort of run down condition and went to a doctor and got a B-12 shot. My husband was a military officer and for a brief period I saw military doctors on base.

After receiving the shot I left for the Commissary, when suddenly I folded up in pain and was taken to the base dispensary. I was screaming in pain and four doctors were holding me down, as they tried to figure out what was wrong. I kept telling them I had just gotten a B-12 shot.

A B-12 shot is supposed to be injected in the muscle, so the body can slowly absorb and the doctors determined the one I received went directly into the bloodstream, which was the wrong thing to do and my body was fighting to reject that instant absorption in the bloodstream. The last time I ever received a B-12 shot.

I relate this story to point out, the vaccine itself is not the only danger to consider when receiving shots, there are other considerations, like having the administration of a shot given by a well-trained health professional. I don’t know how well trained those in public schools are, administering the shots.

One positive aspect of the current news cycle with so much attention, pro and con, on immunizations is it’s an opportunity for one to be more informed about shots, particularly what’s in them and their origin, plus possible after effects.

I don’t advise anyone to have their kids injected with shots, or not to have. That’s up to each parent to be responsible for the health of their children.

What I can report is after a battle with the public school system, my case of rejecting shots was settled in Federal court, when my son was re-instated back in school without immunizations via a court order, and graduated from high school without any immunizations, and never had childhood diseases. And remains quite healthy today.

My rejection of forced immunizations was no easy task. It was time consuming, expensive, and subjection to a lot of ridicule, in the news media at the time, I still have some of the articles where top-educators called me “crazy” on the front page. This was back in the early seventies, and I waged the battle totally alone with my attorney and fortunately won.

Not only that, the Federal judges ordered the Georgia General Assembly to change the law, which was in effect when Governor Lester Maddox signed. Forced shots are unconstitutional.

What I can report to any parent who decides not have immunizations, it is not necessary to surrender your sovereignty of control and responsibility for the wellbeing of your child, and the decision to have or not have immunizations is the prerogative of each parent. And the responsibility to decide.

I point this out because in the current debate relative to shots, included is a question about authority of parent over child, and authority to make decisions relative to child’s health. Specifically boils down to the issue of whether the parent or the State has jurisdiction over your child. The State does not unless one voluntarily surrenders control.

Those who lust to rule are jealous of a free people. First President George Washington said: “Real Patriots, who may resist the intrigues of the favorite, are liable to become suspected and odious; while its tools and dupes, usurp the applause and confidence of the people to surrender their interest.”

Let freedom Ring
Just me AC


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