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School Days, Golden Rule Days (Issue 22)

“School days, school days, dear ole golden rule days, reading, writing and arithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickory stick.”   When I hear about what is going on in schools today, it’s shocking to me. They have become killing fields, full of graduating students that can’t read and vaccinating with poisonous substances. Plus […]

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Anonymous And Overt Authority (Issue 21)

In this election year, we hear, read and see more news reports, headlines, and articles about the economy. A sort of mantra, “it’s about the economy, stupid.” Definitely, the state of our economic position plays a major role in what is happening in this country. Yet actually, our current plight is freedom versus a totalitarian […]

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Abysmal Mediocrity (Issue 20)

In the course of the lengthy political campaign, there have been periods when it was quite interesting, to say the least. The media bat around verbiage and polling stats, while candidates flail around on a podium making all kinds of promises to the American people. But lately, it seems the tone has shifted to batting […]

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California Home Schooling (Issue 19)

It seems to me that so much of what impacts our lives starts in California, a state that borders the Pacific Ocean. Living on the east side of the United States in Georgia, with parts of it bordering the Atlantic Ocean, we are over a thousand miles apart. I used to think that we were […]

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