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Pavlovian Theory & Advocacy Groups (Issue 33)

For those who may not recall the Russian Scientist, Pavlov, and his experience with dogs, it goes like this. As I recall, he observed dogs during their feeding times. He noted that the dogs would begin salivating at the sight of food. As a result, he started ringing a bell when he presented the food. […]

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Oneness With The Universe (Issue 32)

Several years ago, someone asked me if I had ever had an out-of-body experience. My quip answer was, “it seems I have rarely ever been in mine.”   I jokingly say that because some of my ideas and opinions are so out of the mainstream, and so contrary to popular opinion. I’m sure it appears […]

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Old Time Politics (Issue 31)

I’m fascinated with all that’s going on in the news about politics. I’m on the verge of becoming a news junkie; there are so many twists and turns and political stories are churning out not daily, but hourly. My fascination with all of it is mixed with a deep sadness over all that is taking […]

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Just Dreaming…Ho Hum (Issue 30)

I’d like to pick up a newspaper with a headline that reads “Government Shrinks, Individual Freedom Returns to its Citizens.”   I’d like to return to a time similar to how it was a few years back. Conversely, I’d like to still have all the superior, expedient things we enjoy today that we didn’t have […]

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