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With Dole Comes Control (Issue 46)

During the entire year of 2007, we kept hearing predictions that 2008 would be a year of recession. Well dear hearts and gentle people, it’s here. Yesterday I heard on the news that Alan Greenspan had declared we are in a recession.  That’s not idle chatter or hearsay. He is a very smart economist. If […]

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Rights And Privileges (Issue 45)

The United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence are documents that confirm man’s unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, along with one’s right to own property.  The inalienable rights described are given by our creator and not by any form of manmade political government.   These rights and laws apply to […]

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Era Of White Lightning (Issue 44)

Just this past year, I heard on the news that President Bush pardoned a man imprisoned for many years for the conviction of making and selling white lightning (moonshine) liquor.   In the Appalachian Mountains during the thirties and forties, around the areas of Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia, the business of operating liquor was […]

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Boiled Watermelon (Issue 43)

Today is the Pennsylvania primary with the two top democratic contenders duking it out over the airways to see which will be the nominee to face off with republican nominee John McCain.   McCain is traveling around making speeches waiting to see who his opponent will be. His speeches are boring and he would probably […]

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