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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Abused And Neglected Children (Issue 42)

The news over the last few days has been dominated by the police removal of over 400 children from the compound of Fundamental Latter Day Saints.
Last night I listened to the Larry King program, featuring former victims and social workers as his guests, followed by the program “360°” with more in-depth reporting. A friend of mine e-mailed and asked me what I thought about it. Incest is prohibited by all societies and child abuse is unacceptable under any circumstances. We are all outraged at this news of sexual child abuse. Who in a civilized society would not be?

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To Be Or Not To Be Free, That Is The Question (Issue 41)

Today I received a copy of a newspaper article about the amount of homes being taken over by the government in a little town in metro Atlanta. Because of traffic congestion, the space is needed for new highway construction.

A procedure that dates back to the colonial days, eminent domain allows the government to legally take over private property for “the greater good.” The government is required to pay the home and landowner but sometimes the fight goes on for years. Eventually the property owner loses because the property can be condemned and arbitrarily taken, whether the owner agrees or not.
Usually the property is taken for roads, schools, or some kind of government structure. Yet now-a- day, some are losing their property by coercion and confiscation to make way for other ventures like shopping centers, among other things.
So what is a free society? 

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To A Louse (Issue 40)

I think it was Robert Burns who wrote the poem, To a Louse, in which he said, “oh what good ere would do us to see ourselves as others see us.”

It was a statement prompted by a time he was sitting in church behind a local high society woman, decked out in her jewels, finery, and furs. A woman with a reputation for being so above the fray with reference to her high and mighty attitude toward others. What he noticed was that there were lice crawling around in the furs draped around her neck, which motivated him to write the poem.
After writing the blog “The French Connection,” I sent copies to several friends for feedback before entering the blogosphere. The thrust of my article was to bring attention to longevity by mentioning the wine compound resveratrol . One friend bought a bottle of wine and e-mailed me about the difficulty she had removing the cork. Another wrote about unpleasant experiences while visiting France.

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Fragmentary Noblesse Oblige (Issue 39)

Back in the 1960s and 70s, I subscribed to and regularly read The Colorado Springs Gazette—one of Harry Hoiles’ chains of freedom newspapers. The great editorials always had an underlying theme of freedom on a variety of subjects. On the corner of one of the pages, it always highlighted a section with quotes titled “bits and pieces.” I still have a copy of one of those quotes even after all these years. It has yellowed with time and I can hardly read it, but here is what it said:

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