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Laissez-Faire Government (Issue 54)

The happenings between the three presidential candidates is like a ping-pong game. First, it’s one attacking, then the others attacking each other back. The news is dominated by who’s saying what about each other–the remarks, criticism, and response—over and over in a squirrel cage type syndrome.   The latest is the attack on Obama regarding […]

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Unthinking, Tail Covering Bureaucrats (Issue 53)

I’m not a fan of political intervention into the lives of self-responsible citizens. I’m for self-responsibility. However, political government has its fingers in rules, regulations, and policies that affect every phase of our lives. From health, food, clothing and shelter, to education, transportation, communication, and all areas of private property, we are ruled, regulated and […]

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Global Poverty Act, Costing Americans $845 Billion (Issue 52)

Because most Americans are not dishonest con artists, we do not always remember political government is a con game. I for one have to stop and remind myself of this fact on a regular basis as I hear and read what is going on in Washington and with the political candidates running for President. The […]

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Talk Radio And The Governor Of Georgia (Issue 51)

A number of years ago there was an Atlanta radio station called WRNG. I doubt it’s still in existence, but for several years they had a four-hour program on Sunday morning called  “Open Line,” as I recall.   The president of a college I attended would frequently come through Atlanta on his way home from […]

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