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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Lincoln Logs, Japan And Frank Lloyd Wright (Issue 68)

My 3-year-old grandson, Prince William, frequently motivates me to do and write about things I normally wouldn’t think about until he says or does something I think is a great idea.

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Wake Up, Stand Up, Speak Up, Look Up (Issue 67)

As conditions in my country worsen on a daily basis, I remind myself this is My Country, My Life, and My Freedom that is at stake. Then I ask myself, what can I do about it?
I click on the television news and it’s mostly about what the Presidential Candidates are saying. What are they saying? They are simply mud slinging at each other, then rebutting what they are saying. It goes on and on ad nauseum. Every once in awhile they throw in something about who’s going to raise taxes, who’s going to lower taxes, who wants to end the war, who wants to continue the war, who wants to drill for oil, who opposes drilling, who’s getting the most news coverage and who is whimpering about not getting the same amount of coverage, who’s traveling out of the country, who’s traveling within the country, how much money one raised compared to the amount the other raised for his campaign, who’s wearing a lapel pin, and what the other did as a prisoner of war, then there’s hours and hours of air time devoted to who’s going to be their running mates…
Then I turn on my computer and read the newsletters and web sites devoted to the many problems we face. I read about numerous organized groups, banding together to write letters and make phone calls to elected officials trying to get them to do something. Millions of signatures are collected pushing one agenda, then another, wanting elected officials to do something or not to do something about a particular agenda.
Then there are all the radio programs and C-Span with call-in programs where thousands upon thousands can voice their objections to what is happening in this country. No doubt, it is a catharsis to hoot and holler, yell and scream about what is happening in this once great nation with things deteriorating at an accelerated rate.

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