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Monthly Archives: September 2008

The School System, How Is It Replaced? (Issue 94)

The next questions I received from one of my readers were about the current school system. In response to my opposition to the tax supported school system one reader asked, “What does one replace it with? Are you suggesting that every child be home schooled? And, how can we be sure all children are receiving a ‘fair’ education?” All interesting and valid questions.
To the first one, “what do we replace our current school system with?” I ask, “what does one replace cancer with?”

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Freedom, Your Money And A Dog Story (Issue 93)

Today starts voting in Congress on the $700 billion taxpayer bailout package. Over the weekend, many in Congress got on television and tried to explain what they had put in the bill. Then the newscasters and pundits reported and voiced their opinions.

I don’t know enough about the contents of the bill to be specific, but it seemed to me most were trying to convey to the American people the benefits of the bill—like the  checks and balances included, plus the possibility that in five years the taxpayer may get something back. They also made a big commotion about preventing CEOs from receiving their usual millions.
In other words, after the original proposal failed, this revised rescue bill will siphon from taxpayers incrementally, and is being sold with pretty wrapping paper and a card that says, “There will be an oversight committee to keep an eye on the money.”

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Kill The Bill Before It Kills The Golden Goose (Issue 92)

This past week and weekend has been a frenzied period in the crisis we face. The worldwide financial bubble is spreading and appears to be unmanageable. The economy is in crisis and it’s a dollar problem.
After the failure of the first $700 billion bailout, Washington elected are meeting over this weekend to try to hammer out a rescue bailout.  They should shelve it and go home. We don’t really know what they are doing, but it’s predictable anything they agree upon will be another added cost on the backs of the American people. They keep trying to place value on worthless assets in the wake of the carnage of financial institutions.

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How Can A Frog Stop Bumping Its Butt? (Issue 91)

How can a frog stop bumping its butt? Quite simply . . . by sprouting some wings.
After about six months of blogging and nearly 90 lengthy articles, I now have some questions coming in . . . something I have looked forward to. Curiosity is a sign of intelligence and asking questions is an indicator of that. One of my favorite ways to learn is the socratic method of inquiry.
The first question was, “when did we start paying taxes?”

We began paying taxes when the land was colonized.There have always been taxes. George Washington killed a bunch of people by putting down the Whiskey Rebellion, which was over liquor taxes. Income tax, as we know it, was popularized after the 1913 passage of the 16th amendment. Until then, no one could get a progressive-scale income tax to hold up. It was a society that operated on voluntarism for a period.

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