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Birds of a Feather Flock Together—Hillary & Obama (Issue 133)

The news media cycle is working overtime with all the buzz and spin over President-Elect Obama’s appointments.   During his campaign he repetitiously said, “change we can believe in” and spoke of how he was going to “change the culture” in Washington. The first thing he did was appoint someone right down the street from […]

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“Winking, Blinking & Nod”—The Three Stooges (Issue 132)

Every day, we wake up to another big blast for money from taxpayers. Last week, it was the three millionaires from the auto industry. This morning, it’s all about Citibank, with assets of trillions. We have moved from millions, to billions and now trillions. Last week, I watched those three stooges I call “winking, blinking […]

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Seemingly Seamless, A Seething Vortex of Serious Acts (Issue 131)

Every day we hear a different word headlining the news. Since President Bill Clinton made news headlines with the word “is” by saying, “depends upon the meaning of is”, simple everyday words have become headlines with the meaning lines blurred. For example, “seamless” is the latest ordinary word tossed around by the U.S. President, U.S. […]

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President Bush: The Most Important Things he ever said, “But” and “Goodbye” (Issue 130)

This week, President Bush emerged from the G-20 Summit after meeting with representatives from other countries, and walked to the microphones to deliver some very brief remarks about the meeting. He stated he had always believed in the free market, free enterprising, capitalistic system, “but” after hearing we may be on the verge of another […]

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