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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Illigitimas Non Carborundum – Schools – Focus on Cause, Not Symptom – Hot Button Religion!!! (Issue 206)

I frequently receive e-mails urging me to participate in some kind of organized effort to write to Congressman regarding issues about this that and the other. It’s not my cup of tea to lend my energy to such useless and worthless efforts.


The latest is about an issue which crops up periodically and has for the past many years. It’s the subject of religion in tax-supported socialistic schools. The latest Hot Button is over the appointment of a judge named Daniel Hamilton. Who according to the, “Pray in name of Jesus Project”, is an ultra-liberal, former fundraiser for Acorn, former leader in the Indiana chapter of the ACLU. He is apparently opposed to prayer in schools. But according to the notice I received he ruled prayers to, “Allah” were perfectly lawful.

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White Lightning, Appalachian Mountain, & Moonshine Liquor Stills (Issue 205)

A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to North Georgia to visit the Foxfire Museum. Normally we think of a museum as being a large building, with artifacts from a particular period of time. But this museum, sits on the side of a mountain, and is comprised of many buildings. Each old building houses a particular artifact from past periods, going back to the seventeen hundreds. I wrote about my trip in a previous article, but had more to write about it, and it follows.


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Piracy in the Sea of Aiden and the Actions of the US Government (Issue 204)

In my article number 198, I wrote about the piracy off the coast of Somalia and the rescue by the United States government. Some disagreed with my position.


To explain a bit further, from the standpoint of right and wrong, I only understand that which is wrong from two things and that is thievery and violation of Natural Law. Admittedly there are things I may not like in my value system, but getting down to the nitty gritty of right and wrong; it’s only those two things I understand as being wrong.


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Trail of Tears, Foxfire Mountain Survival, Primitive Life 1700s. My Trip to the Foxfire Museum in Mountain City, GA. (Issue 203)


Yesterday, I had a wonderful trip with my grandchildren and daughter in law to the North Georgia Mountains. We went to the area of Clayton, Mountain City, and Dillard, Georgia. Close to the North Carolina border.


It was breath-taking scenery from Gainesville going past Tallulah Falls and seeing the awesome sight of the beauty of the mountain region at the foot-hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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