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Monthly Archives: March 2012


The news is currently dominated by all the goings on in the Supreme Court relative to the hearings on Obamacare. The courtroom packed, mostly politicians and Washington news media, and a few lawyers. Outside the Supreme Court building, the area is filled with people, plackards and protests.

Across this nation the past three days, the American people are waiting with bated breath to know what the court’s decision will be, which probably won’t be announced until the end of June. In the meantime, the news is filled with opinions from politicians, pundits and ordinary citizens voicing their opinion.

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WHAT IS FREEDOM? (Issue 706)

I now have 700-plus articles circling the globe 24-7 going to 80-plus countries. I write about a variety of subjects. I am free to write about any subject I choose. No one stands over me suggesting the things I should write about, and no one censors me. Specifically defined or implied in most all my writings is the “Philosophy of Freedom.” But what is Freedom?

I take the position that the main thing wrong with all that’s taking place in this country, stems from a lack of understanding of the meaning of Freedom. And this absence of understanding has resulted in the degree of bondage which the 300 million-plus citizens in this country experience in life today.

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Haven’t written much about the 2012 elections and candidates since the South Carolina election where Newt Gingrich won.

Not much has changed. Daily reports of candidates in a yo-yo situation, relative to the Republicans still struggling to pick a winner for their party. Even though all seem to be lagging behind Mitt Romney the seduction of politics is a powerful force, and those seeking the power of the office, hang in and hang on.

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Spent an interesting evening last night having dinner at the home of Anna from San Salvador, on beautiful Lake Lanier.

I had met her husband a few years ago, who periodically helps me out with jobs around my home. I mentioned I needed a part-time housekeeper. He informed me his wife Anna worked as a housekeeper from time to time. I met her and was impressed by her skills at organizing and ability doing ordinary housework, plus her extremely pleasant attitude. She seemed to enjoy her work, and seemed to light up the place when she walked in the door.
While working, she began telling me the story of her life and how she arrived here in the States. She told her story about the troubles, trials and tribulations she endured growing up in Central America, explaining her family were native San Salvadorian Indians. At age 18 she left home and joined a circus, with an abusive male companion, eventually crossing three borders to arrive in this country.

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