Many psychologists and psychiatrists agree, in the hierarchy of needs, above the need for food, clothing and shelter, there is a “Need” for attention.

Frequently there’s a big difference in that which we desire as opposed to that which we require. When we speak of “need,” it frequently refers to that which is required to sustain and maintain life. And food, clothing and shelter come under that category. Things we can identify with the five senses. But there is another need, and that is “attention.” Something less identifiable than food, clothing and shelter. Something one cannot see but only the effects of it.

The more I observe this human characteristic, the more convinced I Am it’s a “need” everyone has to one degree or another. Not excluding Yours Truly. There are two ways of acquiring it, positively or negatively.

It’s my observation that as our personal Freedom is under attack, being replaced by the tenets of Socialism, ways and means of obtaining attention negatively are on the increase.

I live in a pretty little neighborhood of a small town, where residents pretty much mind their own business, but not entirely. One neighbor who moved not too long ago was nosey, and constantly sticking her nose in everyone’s business, calling the authorities when something in the neighborhood did not suit her scheme of things, and was referred to as “the mean lady.” After she moved there was a different, pleasant atmosphere in the neighborhood. A great relief when I saw the moving trucks in front of her house.

Recently there was what seemed to be a shouting match in the yard of another neighbor. A lady and male neighbor. When she stopped in for a visit I asked her what the shouting match was all about. It seems the male had been gone several weeks on a work assignment, and the grass in the front yard of the house he rents, had grown taller than his next door neighbor considered tolerable for her. Her axe to grind was with the owner of the property. She confronted him, and detailed the complaint she articulated to him over the height of the grass.

One might think this is just a ridiculous nosey neighbor, and not a subject worth writing about. However, it strikes at the very core of so much I write about relative to the ownership of property. It’s my position ownership of property is a total concept and if one owns something they should be able to do as they choose, without permission from others. If the actions of an owner present a threat to another, self-preservation is the first law and we have a right to protect ourselves. However the height of a neighbor’s grass is no threat and no one’s business.

If the height of the grass was disturbing to the neighbor she could have called the owner and offered to have it mowed. Loudly, vehemently arguing about it and threatening to call city government officials to launch a complaint is over the line, and out of order. Her value judgment, relative to the height of the grass, which did not belong to her, crossed the line of infringement on the property belonging to another and violated the Principle of Ownership.

This seemingly insignificant incident has much broader meaning, and is out-pictured in hundreds of ways, relative to a misunderstanding about Freedom, and the importance of the boundaries of ownership. And indicative of a mind-set, which is pervasive, at the very root of the problems we face in this country, and the reason we are living under socialist conditions. This notion that one person has a right to dictate to another how they should handle their property, from grass to their money, violates the Principle of ownership.

The question is, why do individuals act in such a manner? In my opinion it’s an absence of understanding Freedom and private property ownership, number one, and frequently it’s just an attention-getter. When an individual is not getting the attention they require on a positive level, they resort to negative attention. I believe it is the main reason there’s so much bullying in the school system. Children do not receive the reinforcement of positive attention from parents and resort to negative attention via bullying, which as we all know from the news can result in great damage and even death.

Bullying in schools has become so pervasive that the main news and television programs are devoted to discussions about it, seeking ways and means to curb it. In today’s climate, bullying is accomplished via attacks on one’s reputation. Frequently through social media, like Facebook. The public attack on one’s reputation causes some children to commit suicide.

The insidious nature of this kind of attention-getter, is the fact it does not deal with property ownership. Simply because one does not “own” their reputation. It’s what others think and perceive. Some mistakenly believe they own their reputation, but they do not. It does not fit the criteria of ownership. It has no boundary, and not under the control of the subject. It’s third party destruction.

If you have any doubt about this premise, listen to politicians tear in, tear up and tear down each other via attacks on one’s reputation. Dominating the news in this election year, this may be the main role model children are using for their bullying attacks on each other. We are in the midst of a no holds barred verbal attack on each other, and it’s from the bottom up and top down. With no signs of slowing down, but heating up as the summer progresses into the November election.

And the winner is not going to be the one promising the best solutions to the problems we face in this country, but the one most successful at mud-slinging and character attacks. Negative or not, it’s the attention-getter everyone is aiming for.

The point is, that which takes place locally in communities across this country is out-pictured nationally, and that which takes place nationally feeds into what is happening in neighborhoods. It’s a feeding frenzy destroying this country without a shot being fired.

The bottom line all of us, individually, have within our power to do something to improve this condition I describe. By first recognizing our contributions to the negativity, and switching gears in the way we act and perceive things. By arming ourselves with information about that which constitutes Freedom and Private property ownership.

Here’s an interesting quote from the American Federation of Police: “There are many Americans who fear for their lives. They know at some point they will have to protect themselves, their own families and their own property. Should these people be disarmed? No, we don’t need to disarm our loyal citizens, our friends and our neighbors.”




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    I get annoyed at those who claim that a neighbor’s tall grass causes their own property “harm” by lowering its value. I don’t particularly like looking at “well-groomed lawns” so can I claim I am being harmed by having one of those next door? (I’m joking about that, of course.)

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