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I’ve been blessed with a long, interesting and productive life. Particularly fortunate to be born in this beautiful America. The land of the free and the home of the brave, as the slogan goes. Pretty much a term now-a-days in the past tense.
I grew up on a farm in northeast Georgia, as the firstborn of teenaged parents. During the Great Depression era of President Roosevelt, I had living grandparents, lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and a great-grandparent who lived with us, in my early years. We had plenty of everything on the farm. Blacks and whites lived in harmony on the farms, worked together, and shared the plentiful food grown on the farms.
In the thirties of the Great Depression, it was taboo to talk about money and I grew up thinking my family did not have any, however, in later years I discovered documents which proved otherwise. For example, I have the divorce papers of my great-grandmother who lived with us, revealed she received ten-thousand dollars in gold, and awarded land acreage in her divorce settlement in 1918. A lot of money back then, when a loaf of bread was ten cents.
I grew up being taught American history in school, and enjoyed a lot of freedom, roaming the farmlands we lived on. No telling how many times I heard the term, “A man’s word is his bond.” But there has been a dramatic shift in so many areas in life in this great country, lo these years later. Sometimes I feel like “a stranger in a strange land.”
Living in this era of the twenty-first century, I enjoy so much from modern day inventions, that make life so much easier than my growing up years on a farm, but sadly in the thinking process of value judgments, of the majority, in my opinion there has been drastic deterioration. A departure from the Principles this nation was founded upon.
This country has changed from one of individual freedom, and the free-enterprise, capitliastic system to one of Socialism. The German minister of of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, stated, “To be a socialist, is to submit the ‘I’ to the ‘thou;’ Socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.”
Then the premier of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, in 1971 said, “Comrades, we must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all.”
Karl Marx, of the Communist Manifesto slogan, stated, “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”
Lyndon Johnson preached, “taking from haves to give to have nots.”
Today’s politicians condemn the rich, bemoan the plight of the poor, and talk about the missing “middle class.” No they are not missing, the majority of the 300 million-plus in this country fall in the category of middle class. But many are on foodstamps and government hand out programs, and silent.
Beyond the few in the organized tea party, those crying out to the government and elected politicians to solve our problems, and resurrect this nation to standards of the Principles upon which it was founded, we have pretty much become a nation of silent socialists.
Individuals no longer speaking up, speaking out and standing up, in areas of their lives, where the opportunity presents itself to do so, in their everyday living. There is an obvious “dumbing down” in individuals, I describe in my previous article, “Racketeering in Politics, Schools and Business.”
There is a pervasive attitude of pandering and placating among the citizenry of this nation. An apalling attitude of no resistance to whatever is dished out, by those in politics, schools and business. It’s as though the third stage of takeover, which is fear, has set in.
There’s an abandonment of the self-responsibility required to be free. I’m not certain how to describe the attitudes of the majority, aside from the apathy of fear. However it is glaringly apparent, the average person is refusing to stand up and speak out, in areas of mistreatment, on the local level in their own communities.
There’s an attitude so prevalent among the people, of doing nothing about add-on cost by companies, gouging and overcharging, as if one erroneously believes by remaining silent, it will all eventually go away. When the fact of the matter is, there’s plenty each individual could do, by taking their head out of the sand, and standing up, and speaking out, for themselves and young children.
Like dripping water, bit by bit, this entire nation has changed from a nation of people who stood up, spoke out and refused to accept mistreatment, to a nation of apathetic, do-nothing individuals. Not one-hundred percent, because there are a few who still stand-up, speak out and act to right the wrongs perpetrated on the populace, but not many.
Unfortunately, the majority is still thinking that change for the better is coming from the top down. It is obvious that ain’t gonna happen. Only from the bottom up, when each person assumes their responsibility to stand up, speak out and act to right the wrongs perpetrated upon individuals on-going daily in our lives, can anyone expect change for the better.
Freedom is individual, personal and non-transferrable self-responsibility, and has requirements which this nation as a whole has abandoned. Resulting in the state of bondage we are now experiencing. Not something in the future which might happen, it’s upon us today.
Clifford Thies, an economist, stated, “Thus individualism is not antithetical to community. Rather, it can involve free association, and a belief in an overarching harmony of interests. In a free society, individuals join with others because of love and mutual benefit, not because they are programmed or coerced.”

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We awaken this Monday to the repetitious news, President still Playing Golf, Congress on Vacation, Politicians campaigning to be elected, while the people still thinking their vote makes a difference and sitting ducks for bondage.
Most ignoring the news, the hardline terrorist organization, ISIS, already has cells, groups, and individuals imbedded among the population here in the United States. One might be living next door, sitting next to you in church, or just ahead of you in the grocery line. They are indoctrinated, well-trained, dyed in the wool terrorist, with one ultimate goal and that is to destroy America and the American way of life we once knew.
We read about the continuing riots in the small mid-western town of Ferguson, Missouri with an indifference as if its some far away happening in another country, totally detached from having anything to do with our lives. When in fact its the epicenter of the clash between law and order, good and evil, fact and fiction, political government power and individual Rights in freedom, Life and death.
Those out to destroy this country are gathering in Ferguson to stir the fury of the flame of destruction in this small mid-western town, all under the guise its a black and white issue of civil Rights. When in essence its an opportunity for evil acts of property destruction to act out their intentions disguised as one thing, while masking their real intent; to destroy America.
Ayn Rand, author of , “Atlas Shrugged”, stated several years ago that, ” we are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by Permission.”
This morning, I’m reminded of a letter found on the body of an A young American solider  during the Korean war. A letter addressed to God which said, “so strange I had to reach this hellish place before I ever saw your shining face”.
As conditions go from bad to worse in this country each 24 hours that pass, the question is the average individual still passively ignoring the reality of what’s happening all around us? Why are so many harboring under the illusion their one little vote is some-how magically going to change anything? When in essence it means doodley-squat, aside from the fact it is a stamp of approval to bestow power and prestige on the individual, going to Washington, to further increase power over your life.
When in essence, every individual in this country has innately within themselves power to do something  positive to change the direction we’re headed in, which is a totalitarian system of political government to reduce this country on the par level with all other systems of socialism pervasive through out the world.
Every individual has within themselves  power to decide to live in freedom or Bondage, but first must define and understand the meaning of Freedom. Noone can change anything they don’t understand, and the facts the majority in this country don’t understand the meaning of freedom, and have fallen into the trap its taboo to talk about it.
Therefore any individual, anyplace in this country this morning, can effect a change in their lives by recognizing it’s freedom that’s at stake in all these on-going stories reported daily, and recognizing there is no in-between. You are free or living in bondage. Living free is a decision which comes from within every person. It’s not something which can be served up on a silver platter by some outside force.
The news is filled with stories daily, informing us about plans of the government have to take away more and more, slice by slice, step by step, your Freedom. And now, glaring news about the terrorist already among us here to put the finishing touches on our enslavement.
The time has passed when we could depend upon and expect a centralized regime in Washington to protect us domestically and from foreign invaders. Today they are all on vacation, while daily news reports keep us informed as to the reality of what’s taking place.
We are informed all our military equipment taken over by terrorist and left overs redistributed throughout police departments in various cities here in this country. The power of our national military might has been dismantled and we the people have become disarmed sitting ducks, aside from the few who have held on to their weapons.
The one weapon we still have available is to be informed and acknowledge the reality of the predicament were in this morning. All our so called leaders, ignoring and out to lunch. It’s up to each individual to decide what if anything they’re going to do about it. If it’s continued apathetic non-action, our future is very predictable. And our future is tomorrow. Our means of changing it begins today.
It should be no surprise to anyone to recognize the disdain the elected power brokers have for the well-being of the citizenry of this country. They are the architects of the destructive forces set in motion, out to destroy this country and enslave its people. We must recognize the extent of it, and decide whether or not were going to do anything about it, not tomorrow but Today. Where do I begin? you might ask. You begin from where you are. That’s your only starting point. Remember, silence gives consent.
Thomas Jefferson said: “The people are the ultimate guardians of their own Liberty”.
And an old proverb states: ” The wise learn from the experience of others, most from their own experience, and fools not at all”.

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The world we live in to-day is quite different than 20 years ago, 40 years ago, or 50 years ago. Some things seem to change over-night and appear different today from yesterday. And yet some things never change.
Living in this information age, an era of instant messaging, lightening speed news flashes, everything can seem cool, calm, and collected one minute, and all hell breaking loose the next.
Living in this era of computerized social media, millions around the globe involved in such modern day phenomena as Face-Book, from my perspective, I’ve pretty much divided into two categories: Those who desire to be looked over and those who wish to be over-looked. Some vacillate back and forth between those two areas of desire.

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This morning, I received an interesting post on my Face-Book site from one of my readers; an admission the lady had been a life-long Democrat, now labeling herself as a two-day Republican. Explaining the switch came as a result of disenchantment over response of President Obama and law and order leader, Eric Holder, relative to the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

The FB friend goes on to say, “I’m not in need of any social programs, so it will not benefit me to worry about the Democrats staying in office.”

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