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I awakened around 2 a.m. this morning and the first thing I did was check Facebook, to see what is happening with the travels of my son and family in Alaska. What a difference in there and here. They are flying around peering down on glaciers, in very chilly weather, while here in Georgia we are sweltering in 100° plus temperatures.

Then I clicked on a link to sign on as a FB friend with a nephew I haven’t seen in ages, and read about all the brilliant healing work he is doing in cranial structural work. I’m one who believes there’s only one source that heals and that’s the Divine Presence of God. However there are certain individuals who have that rare quality as embodied channels of healing, and my nephew is one of those rare individuals. As so many of us struggle to maintain vitality and well-being in an increasingly stressful world, it’s like finding a pot of gold to know there are some who still do amazing work in the area of healing. Knowing some who have benefitted greatly by his treatments, I was so happy to make contact with him.

Aside from his successful practice in the healing business I felt so blessed to make contact with a member of my family of origin, because not many are left in my octogenarian years. In my opinion our family of origin is extremely powerful.

Then I stopped to reflect upon this awesome technological age of information and the impact all the social media has had on our lives. Facebook itself is such a phenomenon. But like so many other things in life, that which can work for you can work equally well against you. Our Right to Privacy we value so highly, we voluntarily give so much away as we bare our everyday lives on the internet.

Then I thought about George Orwell’s “1984″ I read so long ago and “Animal Farm” I re-read recently, and how so much he wrote is today like a self-fulfilling prophecy. That “Right to Privacy” we value so highly, now we voluntarily tell the world about.

In an introduction to “Animal Farm,” CM Woodhouse wrote: “This remarkable book has been described in many ways – as a masterpiece – a fairy story – a brilliant satire… a frightening view of the future. A devastating attack on the pig-headed, gluttonous and avaricious rulers in an imaginary totalitarian state, it illuminates the range of human experience from love to hate, from comedy to tragedy. A wise, compassionate and illuminating fable of our time… the steadiness and lucidity of Orwell’s wit are reminiscent of Anatole France and even Swift.” As quoted in the New York Times several years ago.

That which seemed so fictional and imaginary a few years back as presented in the writings of George Orwell, in 1984, that is a loss of personal Freedom, Private property ownership and privacy, conveying how it could be taken from us, now so many just voluntarily surrender to the “pig-headed, gluttonous and avaricious rulers.”

In the last four years, I have written hundreds of articles on my website and received thousands of comments. The underlying theme in all articles is the “philosophy of Freedom” and I’ve concluded one of the major problems is an absence of the real meaning of freedom among the majority.

A few days ago I received a comment from a reader stating: “You actually make it appear so easy along with your presentation, but I’m finding this matter to be actually something that I feel I might never understand. It sorta feels too complex and very wide for me. I am taking a look forward for your next post, I will try to grasp it.”

I suspect this commenter speaks for many others, who are grappling to understand what is happening in this country.

If I could just boil it down to a simple understanding, all one has to do is take control of their own life and assume the responsibility of their actions, and stop allowing others to dictate the terms of their life. And one can start that today. Secondly, stop and reflect upon that which is Right and that which is wrong, and a child knows the difference. The key is understanding the difference in Universal Principles and human value judgments. No matter what you think, feel, hear, or observe, just stop and ask the question: “Does it involve thievery?” And it is an understanding of this key question which will remove much confusion, doubt and misunderstanding, if you just stop and answer to yourself. Not to anyone else but to yourself about any subject or action. Because Thievery is wrong and cannot be justified under any conditions.

If one has a desire to comprehend what is happening, one must place a value on Freedom, and to understand Freedom one must understand that which constitutes thievery. As one opens up their mind and thinking processes to the value of Freedom, it increases one’s gratitude for love of family, friends, neighbors, and truth. Because Truth is simply that which is and the absence of a lie.

As great and wonderful as this technological revolution is, there is an element of it which has dulled the senses of many, when it comes to understanding that which is of value, and that which is throw-away garbage in and garbage out. Love of self is still important along with love of family, friends, truth and Freedom.

As it states in the Desiderata, “You are a child of the universe, you have a Right to be here, just as the stars, the moon and trees.” And being here you have a Right to be Free. And if this is true, the question is, why have we accepted the degree of bondage perpetrated upon us by a political system which has burdened with so many rules, regulations, policies and edicts?



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