Anyone who reads my website, Facebook or Twitter, knows how awed I Am by all the technological advancement of the world we live in today.

I grew up in a different era, being taught anything that can work for you, can work equally well against you. Never is this more apparent than this information age we live in.

Everyday I check my Facebook page, write articles on my website regularly, but my Twitter page has been rather dormant for sometime. I have mixed emotions about Facebook. I enjoy reading many topics by others, the beautiful photographs, personal experiences, interesting pictures of children and pets. Stories of spiritual journeys, and the variety of political beliefs and thinking.

I’m turned off by some of the vulgarity in language, nudity, the depth of vicious attacks on others, but so appreciate Freedom of speech, to each his own, when it comes to expressions of how they feel and think. I’m free to skip over or ignore, and delete if anyone posts something on my page I!’m in disagreement with.

There are several things about Facebook I simply do not understand. For months I have not added any “friends” to my list, however the number on the side bar constantly changes, it goes up and goes down. Therefore someone else is adding to and deleting, and constantly changing it. I can’t help but wonder who is doing that and why.

I do appreciate the joy of contact with others, who take the time to express themselves, and particularly comment on some of the subjects I write about on my website. Gives me some insight on subjects others are interested in reading.

I write about a variety of subjects, however pretty much avoid below the belt issues and discussions on religions. One’s sexual orientation, and religious views are so personal and diversified, I infrequently touch on those subjects. However I personally have very specific views for myself on both subjects.

I love interesting quotes, funny jokes, and such subjects as philosophy, psychology, parenting, gardening, local news interests, schooling, politics, economics, and world news happenings.

Because the internet social media is such a wonderful platform for news and expression of ideas, and communication with others, I never cease to be amazed at some who waste time and space so frequently, on very non compos mentis trivia, that is so meaningless. When there’s such opportunity to discuss meaningful ideas, gratis. On the other hand, many do express meaningful ideas and concern for what is happening in this great Country. And I do love reading their excerpts.

Because Facebook is a more or less no holds barred medium of expression, it really is a barometer of the pulse of the public, and a bird’s eye view of how the general public thinks.

In one sense FB sort of reminds me of horse-racing, one can bet or ignore. On FB, one can participate or ignore. One can write about boring trivia, or express meaningful ideas.

The medium itself has been under attack recently since it went public, but still it is free, and anyone can participate or not as they choose, and express themselves publicly as they choose. Which can work for you or against you.

In spite of all the pros and cons, I personally marvel at the phenomenon of the social media of the internet in general and Facebook in particular.




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    Like anything else, social media can be your servant or your master.

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