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“I Don’t Give ‘Em Hell, I Just Tell The Truth And They Think It’s Hell” – Harry Truman (Issue 737)

By now all my readers must know I love interesting sayings and good quotes. Aside from my title, here’s another by Truman: “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”

I was reminded of his sayings yesterday as I listened to a most interesting program on MSNBC, a panel discussion on schools. A very enlightening program, which supports my contention that one of the major reasons this nation is in such dire trouble, is because of the Socialized school system.

I’m a sort of news junkie and a voracious reader, and for a long time I listened mostly to Fox news, but discovered a lot of information from the Liberal press on other Channels such as MSNBC.

In other articles I have reported the budget for tax supported schools is more than 100 billion for the fifty States and here in Georgia it’s over 8 billion, over half the State budget.

Reports on the program yesterday, the average teacher’s salary is $55,350 and 76 percent of teachers in public schools are women.

As I perceived the underlying theme of the discussion was, What is going to be the solution for children’s education to prepare them for a future to take care of themselves? A great question inasmuch as my opinion is they are not being educated but indoctrinated into the tenets of Socialism.

There was some discussion about tax-supported schools being a civil rights issue. Then reported there are 3 million members on the teachers union, National Education Association (NEA), and reporting the union as the top political contributor.

Here in Georgia the past year, much in the news dominated by the amount of fraud in the school system, particularly Dekalb County.

The panel discussion consisted of some very smart, well informed participants, who spent time discussing charter schools. Touted by some as an alternative improvement in the system, and some seem to think are private schools. However, as the panel pointed out they are not, but peas in the same pod of government operated, tax-funded schools. And I was pleased and surprised at the criticism of Charter schools.

I personally maintain all should be dismantled and schools should be in the free-enterprise system, and those who have children should be responsible for their education and pay for it. Not those of us who no longer have children in the system. And would be the easiest place to start the stoppage of government-funded facilities, inasmuch as there are local school boards who oversee the Socialist system and parents could start there at the local level to demand change.

It was back in the sixties when I realized just how horrible the public school is, and stood up and fought for changes on more than one level. Finally concluded there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to improve the system, inasmuch as it’s an immoral system based upon a system of thievery.

I wound up using every method available to try and educate mine, from public schooling, to private schools and homeschooling. One thing I discovered early on is that the text-books used are filled with teachings of the basic tenets of Socialism, from arithmetic to social studies text-books. I even formed a text-book committee in Nevada to try to improve, but to no avail. Even in private schools the children are subjected to the same indoctrination into the tenets of socialism, because the text-books are the same.

In Nevada I removed my son and enrolled him in a private school and would drive about 50 miles a day, round trip. I drove him into Reno, frequently in zero weather, frequently driving behind a half-empty bus, he was not allowed to ride on to a private school.

I no longer have children in the system and my grandchildren go to private schools after homeschooling, however I could write reams of horror stories about my experiences in the tax-supported system. I know from personal experience there’s nothing anyone can do to improve the system, because it is the immorality of tax-support that is the root cause of its failure to educate.

The discussion I listened to yesterday was a good one, but despite the disenchantment, no one voiced a solution of dismantling to pave the way for schooling to be in the Free-enterprise system. Most, if not all, with complaints and disenchantment with the system, seem to think there are ways it could be improved, but such is not the case. The immorality of the system of thievery upon which it thrives is the root cause, it will never work to educate but only indoctrinate into the tenets of socialism, which is what it is – a socialistic system.




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  1. Posted May 27, 2012 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    My friend L. Neil Smith- who frequently says every public [sic] school should be burned to the ground, the rubble bulldozed until no stone stands atop another, and the ground they stood on salted- had a good quote a few weeks ago: “Where public school is concerned, there is no baby in the bath water.

    I completely agree.

  2. Freedom Lady
    Posted May 27, 2012 at 8:10 pm | Permalink

    I dont agree with the notion, schools should be burned to the ground, but auctioned off at public auction to the private sector.who would have the discretion of re-opening as a private school, after a good cleaning and dis-infecting, or using the facility for what-ever free-enterprise, capitolistic venture the buyer chose. chose.
    There may be no baby in the bath water, so to speak, but millions of children bathed in the teachings of the tenets of Socialism, Who need that washed out of their minds, soul and body, via being exposed to an education that teaches Truth. Anne Cleveland

  3. Posted May 27, 2012 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

    I do assume he is being figurative when he speaks of burning them to the ground… but I could be wrong.

  4. Freedom Lady
    Posted May 27, 2012 at 9:01 pm | Permalink

    He may be speaking figuratively, however words are power, and even hearing in jest to deliberately burn their childs school down, as a result of change to adifferent way of teaching, would scare so many, they would balk at change.Most are already so intimidated, subjected toso much abuse, bullying and killings in the system, they are frozen in fear. I want to convey an idea of change, that is a doable improvement & encourage the parent to consider, participating, by a campaign of addressing at the school board level,with an alternate plan to the current disaster.
    I waged enough battles in the system to know how most parents fold under anypressure for fear of retaliation to their child.They are a captive audience as a result of the compulsory attendance law. I know beccause the school board in Tennessee threatened to arrest me for defiance of it and also in Georgia,

    Its my aim to present the picture of the horrors of the system as it exist to-day and present an improved alternative, that could & should be considered. Most cannot afford the exorbitant fees charged for private school facilities to-day.But privatizing all schools in the capitolistic system, would make the business of schooling competitive and reduce cost.
    Faced with the coercion of political government any attempt to change and the power of the teachers union, and the power of the Text-book Committee, so much money is involved to sustain the current system, it would be difficult. But could be done if enough parents were as fed up as I was when I battled the system. I know a plan that could work, but aside from writing, I!m no longer involved, and do not have a dog in the fight, to-day.
    However every-one is adversly affected to one degree or another as a result of the rotten system as it exist.All of us go thru the toll gate of paying. Anne Cleveland

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