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After the first twenty minutes of President Obama’s SOTU last night, I began feeling like he was taking us all to the woodshed. As he continued it seemed to me his tone distributed a lot of blame on others, while bragging about his accomplishments. Interesting remark, “Saying no is not leadership.” He’s in charge with a Congress who favors him, in control of billions of dollars, Commander-in-Chief of the military, a position to execute laws, plus luxurious Air Force One to roam the world in.

Just before the speech, I read reports of the millions of dollars spent by the Washington gang to go to Copenhagan, a short time back. Therefore I was not in much of a mood to listen to a finger-shaking dressing-down speech, touting all he had done, and complaining about anyone saying “no” to his heart’s desires.

Plus earlier listening to pundits trying to figure out if he’s Left or Right, horse-back or a-foot, turning to the center, or heading south. For me personally, the speech was boring, and I got so tired of watching Nancy Pelosi jumping up and down, like a jack-in-the box, clapping and bobble-heading, I did not stay up to hear all of it.

I couldn’t help but think, Dear Mr. President, I think you have lost your stinger. The charismatic glitter usually emanating from him when making speeches, had dimmed considerably, in my opinion.

After his saying no is not leadership, I wondered if he considered his saying yes to his list of socialist agenda, steering this country away from the Principles of a Republic to be proper and fitting leadership. Obviously he does.

His speech reminded me of a mirage, because his description of the way things are in this country, and the direction he wants to go, is not a reflection of what the American people want. We want government off our backs, we want their finger out of our pie. Not more interference via rules, regulations, policies,and edicts. We want less political government, not more, as he outlined his plans.

This country does not need a “jobs bill.” If government stopped interfering and allowed the free-enterprising system to operate naturally, we would have plenty of jobs and return to the greatest country we once were. The simplicity of the free enterprise, capitalistic system is that it operates on the voluntary exchange of goods and services. Being unhampered it produces goods and services, but not if stymied by political coercion and regulations. It is governmental tampering and hampering of this natural way of doing business which has resulted in this hellish condition in this country.

Now this President makes a long speech about what he plans for government to do to jump-start jobs. When all he needs to do is step aside and allow the system which worked before to operate again. As I understand it, President Obama has never operated a business in free enterprise. Instead his life has been spent going to school and holding government jobs. He has no experience in the free-market place. If he has never experienced the free market operation, how would he know how to fix it? Hearing about it and reading about it is just a poor substitute for the reality.

Therefore his speech last night attempting to express solutions, only furthers government interference, not a tried and true solution. What he expresses is more of the same that got this country in the ditch to begin with. All the hype today by news pundits deciphering his speech and remedies, is a waste of time, like trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

I suspect it’s apt to drive the American people more in the direction they have already started, which is contrary to the thinking and law-making in Washington. If this happens, perhaps the SOTU may serve some positive purpose.

Again, I quote from Abraham Lincoln’s speech Feburary 12, 1865: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”




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    Interesting stuff mate.

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