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Much in the current news cycle is devoted to opinions about the election of Scott Brown from Massachusetts, and how he upset the applecart in the recent election.

I received a phone call from a caller who said, “Obama is making speeches that appear to be ‘backing up,’” which was predictable in the face of the defeat in Massachusetts. In the doctrine of Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, it’s called dialectic materialism; a manner of speech, characteristic of a particular mindset. That is, a manner of expression, which appears quite logical, backing away from prior language, presenting a different tone.

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There is one thing we can count on in this country and that is continuous poll-taking. It’s an industry that a number of persons, apparently, make a living doing. I don’t quite understand how they arrive at poll-numbers but apparently some are quite scientific, using more specific methods at arriving at numbers they publish, than in years past.

The latest today is that the approval rating of congressional members is down to 21 percent. Simple arithmetic points up the fact, seventy-nine percent of the American people disapprove of the actions of the elected 500-plus sitting in the seats of power in Washington.

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Dear Mr. President, “Keep the Change.” (Issue 220)





During the long campaign for president, we heard like a mantra, over and over, you were for change change, change. Your plans were for transparency out of Washington. You were going to change the operations of Lobbyist and a list of things you said you were going to do.


Since you took over the reins of government, things have gone from bad to worse. Granted you inherited a big mess. But for Pete’s sake you did not tell us your change would be to put the American people further and further in debt at a cost of staggering billions.

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How I Discovered Freedom After Twenty Years of Military Life: Part 2 – What is Freedom? Can it Be Defind? Is it Necessary to Define? (Issue 167)

I receive a tremendous amount of material via the internet every day, as I’m sure others must also.  I’m amazed at the number of people who misunderstand the meaning of freedom. There are a lot of sterile dogma, intellectual cowardice and lifeless doctrines. However there are a few brave smart writers who do understand. Mostly those who comprehend the meaning are bloggers. Anyone who is sincerely interested in learning about this very important part of their lives, has an opportunity to learn from these writers who can teach them about it.


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