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The Great Depression, People/Events in the News, King Edward’s Farewell Speech, Wally Simpson. Part 3 (Issue 218)

During those depression years, mostly in the thirties, there was no television, and we did not have a telephone. We kept up with what was happening in the world through the radio and daily newspapers and magazines, plus once a week, current news events in History class.


There was a lot of news about such things as the romance of King Edward in England and his subsequent abdication to marry Wally Simpson. There were stories about the Dionne Quintuplets, Crashing of the Hindenburg, Many stories about The Roosevelt Regime.

Plus stories about personalities like Thomas Edison, Will Rogers, and Admiral Byrd.

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Great Depression Years – Movie Stars, Royalty, Travels, My Life. Part two (Issue 217)

I’m writing a series of stories about the Great Depression years which actually began in the 1920’s. The Stock market crash came in 1929. The depression lasted through the thirties into the first years of the 1940’s


I have written bits and pieces about growing up on a farm in northeast Georgia during that period. This morning I was recalling times when I would wander around on my father’s farm, day-dreaming and wondering what life was really like for those I read about in the newspapers. I thought everyone who lived in cities must be very rich and famous.

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The Great Depression – Politicians, Royalty, Movie Stars & Lame Duck Will. Part One (Issue 216)

I’m writing a series of articles about life, people, and events during the Depression years of the thirties and early forties.




Ruth Bryant Owens was a lady very much in the forefront of the news during the depression years in the 1930’s. She was a United States Minister to Denmark, US Representative, High Society, married a guard for Danish King, Christian.


Articles were written about her travels to Greenland, donning Greenlander costumes and visiting 14 of the 17 settlements there. There are stories about her Christmas shopping there and buying gifts for the Eskimos. Greenland was a colony of Denmark and as us minister to Denmark the press followed in her travels.

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Living Through the Great Depression – Part Three (Issue 186)

 So much about life in the Great Depression years of the 1930s ,growing up on a farm in Northeast Georgia centered around, growing things, creating things, conserving and preserving things, learning things, doing things and appreciating things.


Quite different from today living in a throwaway society, with so much available, we do not have to be concerned with growing things, preserving things, creating things, nor doing things. So much is just there for us. There are replacements available if we decide to throw things in the garbage.


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