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Trying To Grab The Office Of President (Issue 69)

Is it a race or a battle? Is it fun and games politics? Is it a soap opera contest? What is running for office of the president of the United States? Actually, it’s an activity that runs the gamut of a long list of conditions, particularly when it involves so many for so long, at […]

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Oneness With The Universe (Issue 32)

Several years ago, someone asked me if I had ever had an out-of-body experience. My quip answer was, “it seems I have rarely ever been in mine.”   I jokingly say that because some of my ideas and opinions are so out of the mainstream, and so contrary to popular opinion. I’m sure it appears […]

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Old Time Politics (Issue 31)

I’m fascinated with all that’s going on in the news about politics. I’m on the verge of becoming a news junkie; there are so many twists and turns and political stories are churning out not daily, but hourly. My fascination with all of it is mixed with a deep sadness over all that is taking […]

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Abysmal Mediocrity (Issue 20)

In the course of the lengthy political campaign, there have been periods when it was quite interesting, to say the least. The media bat around verbiage and polling stats, while candidates flail around on a podium making all kinds of promises to the American people. But lately, it seems the tone has shifted to batting […]

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