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Once Upon A Time We Were Free (Issue 89)

A couple of days ago I listened to the Sean Hannity interview with the Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. When asked why she chose this political route, she replied because of her love for this country and her love of freedom. It’s the first time I have heard any candidate say those words. My achy breaky heart leaped with joy at hearing her say that.

On the other hand, I wonder if she understands the true meaning of the word. She does emanate a certain genuineness and authenticity when she speaks. If she is truly doing what she’s doing out of a love of freedom, I admire her intentions.
Our survival as a species depends upon reversing the road to socialism we are rapidly traveling down to return to individual freedom and private property ownership . . . a return to self-responsibility and self-control. We must reevaluate our thoughts, reason and logic. We must reexamine where we came from, what we are doing to ourselves, go back and reread the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence, and take another look at the history of the men who fought and died for the freedom of this country during the Revolutionary War. What they thought, what they felt, what they believed, and the determination they had to achieve what they set out to do, which was to relieve themselves from an oppressive tyrannical government, headed by the King of England. They left the legacy of their accomplishments for us to have, hold and enjoy. And we have allowed ourselves to stray far from their accomplishments and intentions.
What a tragic shame.

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