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Will Rogers: Great Political Humorist Of The Great Depression (Issue 99)

It would surely be interesting to have the great and popular political humorist, Will Rogers, around today to lighten things up a bit during these times of crisis that, “try men’s soul.” Unfortunately, he died in an airplane crash on August 15, 1935.

He and Wiley Post (the great flier who was the first to fly solo around the world) were on a trip to Alaska when their plane crashed in the desolate Artic tundra country over which they were flying. The wreckage of their plane was discovered  lying in the river where it fell, near an Eskimo camp where he and Post stopped to ask the way to Point Barrow, ending the tragic flight.
Will Rogers was a beloved entertainer and writer, mostly writing about politicians and the government during his time in the thirties, the Great Depression and the era of President Roosevelt.
Here’s a sampling of his writings:

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